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Pumping Your Way to Pleasure With a Clitoris Pump

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Pumpin’ and Humpin’

With the start of the 20th century, penis pumps began to appear on the sex horizon. These devices, made to treat erectile dysfunction and penile enlargement, gained a fair bit of attention in the male world. However, ladies weren’t left empty-handed. Soon, vaginal pumps arrived and took the spotlight in the sex toy scene.

Although in the very beginning pumps weren’t actually kinky adult toys, they slowly began to show their potential in dimly-lighted bedrooms as opposed to the sterile medical offices. Pumps, invented to treat some health-related issues, evolved into almost necessary tools. But why is that?

Well, let’s be frank — they’re just pure fun and pleasure! In a day and age when lust for youth lingers around every corner, a pussy pump is a quick and affordable way to “teleport” your genitals to their youthful and plump look of your glory days. Also, it’s an effective way of treating anorgasmia and similar lady problems.

Coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs, these professional clit suckers are here to stay. So, let’s talk a bit about them. Let’s see how they actually work, what different types offer, and how useful they really are.

Clitoris Pump Description

In case you’ve never seen or heard of a clit pump, it’s a vacuum-based device meant to increase blood flow in the genital region. Basically, it’s a gadget that makes an aging and wrinkly vagina a pumped pussy once more. No, it’s not a magic wand — it’s science.

At its core, it’s a medical tool composed of two main parts. You have a pump and a suction chamber. Depending on the model, the pump can work manually, or it could have a trigger-handle. Also, suction chambers vary in different pussy pumps, but they all have the same purpose — vacuuming the air surrounding your clit.

Additionally, an often seen part on various vaginal (clitoral) pumps is the pressure gauge. It’s a clock-like piece that shows the level of pressure inside of the chamber. More advanced and pricier products will all have a gauge of some sort. It’s a safety regulator that every potential user should look for.

How Do Clit Pumps Work?

In and of itself, a pump follows the basic laws of physics. Stuffing air in a well-contained and enclosed area will increase the pressure inside of it. The rise in pressure will automatically signal the body to increase the blood flow, which will lead to a way more sensitive and plump-looking tissue.

Of course, pressure shouldn’t exceed safety limits because it can lead to undesired effects. So, the previously mentioned clock-like pressure gauge exists on the most well-equipped products today. But to achieve the effect we’re looking for, the suction cup mustn’t allow air to leave the chamber. That is why lubrication plays a big part in the pussy (clit) pumping process.

Adding water-based lube on the edges of the cup will ensure that the cylinder-like piece stays in place. That will, in turn, let the pressure rise, and it will simultaneously up the blood flow, leading to a young-looking and sensitive vagina.

What Does Using a Pump Feel Like?

It’s not weird that medical devices that are meant to improve health feel awkward or even discomforting. Whether we like it or not, it’s a nagging sensation we have to overcome for the greater good. But that doesn’t always need to be the case — pumps are something completely different.

Both trigger and hand pumps provide sensations similar to pussy licking only a pro pornstar could give. Depending on their size and use, different pumps stimulate different genital parts. Clit sucking models will only simulate clitoral stimulation, while large suction sex toys target the whole lower region.

The feeling of fullness and freshness are both present while using these gadgets. But the best experiences are without a doubt linked to clit suction. As we’re sure everyone knows, clitoral suction is a staple of great oral sex.

The Effects of Clitoris Pumps on a Woman’s Vulva

Just like we’ve mentioned already, pumps affect a woman’s vulva by rejuvenating it. That is, by pulling the blood downstairs, enlarging the whole area, and amplifying natural lubrication. So it’s completely understandable why doctors use them to treat anorgasmia and similar dysfunctions.

All of these effects reinforce vaginal sensitivity, which in turn leads to better sex. Whether a woman uses it for solo play or coupled action, the benefits are there. The best pussy pumps work as sex toys as well as look-altering devices.  All in all, it does wonders for both the aesthetic and the sensation.

Types of Clitoris Pumps

Just like any great product, pumps come in all sorts. Dozens of models are available nowadays, but we can sort them all in three main categories, based on size: large, medium, and small pumps. The big guns create suction on the whole crotch, the medium ones stimulate the vagina solely, and the small ones pump the clit.

But these aren’t the only ways pumps differ amongst themselves. You can find all three types with different pumping systems. Some have mechanical-looking trigger-handles, while others have standard grip-based ones. Also, you can select them based on how the suction cup looks. For example, most are acrylic, but not all of them are transparent. Have a look at these clitoris pumps on lovegasm online store for the details and specifications.

We’d always go for see-through suction cups because we’d be more comfortable looking at the state of our crotch while we pump. But if you’re all about colors and lovely designs, pumps come in all sorts of interesting designs. Some of the more innovative models have little tongue-like bumps inside of the chamber, which offer pussy-licking-esque sensations.

All in all, the variety is wide here. All sorts of kinks, dreams, and fantasies are unlockable with the use of the pussy/clit pumps. Like we’ve said already, it’s not just about the look of your vagina — it’s also about the way sex feels afterward. It’s a combo of sensual and material, and there’s probably nothing better out there when talking rejuvenation products.