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How to start and run a successful Pheasant hunting lodge business

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Pheasant hunting is a hobby that is bringing in millions of dollars each year. Every hunting season, hunters from different parts of the world check in to the pheasant hunting lodges ready for a hunt that would linger in their memories for years to come. It therefore means that starting a pheasant hunting lodge business will not only help you generate a lucrative income but also is a fantastic way to share the passion of pheasant hunting with those of like mind.

If you are thinking of starting a lodge for pheasant hunters, here are some tips that can help you start and run a successful business.

1. Availability or proximity to pheasant hunting grounds

The first thing to consider when starting a pheasant hunting business is the availability of pheasant hunting grounds. If you have a vast land that is currently not utilized in a productive way then this could be a great opportunity for you to start a pheasant business with hunting lodges to host pheasant hunters. On the other hand, if you have a relatively small land then you can locate a hunting lodge in an area where there is vast public pheasant hunting grounds. This will ensure that you are in an area that is likely get large numbers of pheasant hunters throughout the hunting season.

2. Pheasant hunting gear

Running a successful hunting business with hunting lodges requires that you have a stock of pheasant hunting gear that would assist hunters to hunt more efficiently. Some of the a-must-have accessories in your hunting lodge include different types of hunting guns, dog collar transmitters, hunting knifes, outdoor camping tents, maps, game carriers, coolers, sleeping bags, and first aid kit among others. The essence is to acquire hunting gear that will offer a better hunting experience to the pheasant hunters.

3. Exclusive lodging services

big game hunting tripHunters need a comfortable place where they can stay when they are not out hunting. As a result you should provide exclusive lodging services that include boarding services such as comfortable rooms where hunters can rest and sleep overnight. Where possible, having self-contained rooms with baths and lounge rooms can enhance experience of hunters so that they can be able to check in again the next time they are out hunting. On the other hand you, should include gathering services, restaurants, and bars within the lodge so that hunters can easily access food as well as entertainment during their stay.

4. Understanding Regulations governing the hunting business

You need to fully understand the regulations governing hunting lodges before starting out. Understanding these regulations will ensure that you get to benefit from incentives within the industry as well as being able to run you business based on the laid down rules. The best place to begin understanding these rules and regulations is by visiting your local authorities. You will be able to learn on basic requirements such as obtaining a license and safety precautions needed when starting a hunting lodge.

5. Reaching out to the hunters

Once everything is set you need to have a strategy to help you reach out to potential hunters. The best way to reach out to potential hunters is through advertisements. You can partner with local guides, create a websites or a blog, or even social media to get the word out.


Starting pheasant hunting business with a lodge need you to carefully take in a number of considerations in order run it successfully. Some of these considerations include availability of pheasant hunting lands, accommodation services, and understanding the regulations governing hunting business.