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DDLG kink: Do butt plugs play a part as well?

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DD/lg and butt play? Yes, please!

Have you ever wanted to spice things up by trying some adult sex toys? Do you like role-playing? Are you turned on by what comes to your mind when you think about butt plugs and anal play? If the answer is yes, well, let’s explore those kinky corners of your mind, shall we?

What do I need to know about DD/lg?

DD/lg stands for an imaginative Daddy Dom-little/baby girl sexual relationship. In short, while role-playing, there are two characters: a dominant male figure and a woman playing the role of a young girl. This is probably the most popular relationship type in the BDSM community.

During role-play, the daddy dom figure appears caring, loving, and wiser than the immature, innocent little girl. It’s been one of the most common ways for two adults to have fun.

We’ve all heard rumors about DDLG relationships being illicit and immoral. However, this fetish is nothing of the sort. It’s only a kinky role play between two adults in search of new things.

Never forget what’s behind it: two adults who willingly chose to play a game and enjoy some Dominant/submissive adventures because they both enjoy it.

Lights, camera, action

There are no limits while playing the roles. The little girl’s age can vary from little brat to young adult. Based on the girl’s maturity levels — and this is what both the submissive and dominant partner agree on — the dominant partner disciplines her, punishes her, and cares for her accordingly.

Daddy Dom can even have full control over the innocent partner. He can insist on bedtime at 9 pm or bathe the submissive partner. The little girl, in turn, can act silly. Maybe she likes to cuddle and play with toys. She follows the rules, breaks them, sits in the corner for being naughty, and so on.

DD/lg role play isn’t always sexual, but it sure is exciting for both partners. All the excitement can result in more passionate sex life in the long term. It’s fun and recommended by those who have previously lost the spark with their partner and learned how to retrieve it with BDSM.

Are you still confused? Do you still wonder about how to do it, what to wear, and whether you need make-up and some props? Don’t worry —you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to get real with this topic.

Backdrop and props: These are important

So, you’ve come pretty far by now, but you still have questions. Are there any sex toys that might spice the game up? Which one to use, and what to do with them? This kind of role-play does not necessarily have to involve sexuality. You can stick to the caregiver relationship as well.

However, if you’ve decided to try lewd DD/lg games or something more hardcore (for example, master and slave fantasy play), here’s what you can do to make it truly magical.

Whether you want to mix romance and sex or go hardcore, choosing cute clothes for the one who plays the Little girl is one of the many things you can add to the mix. You can either go for pink clothing T-shirts with prints like “Daddy’s girl” on them or cute onesies and dresses. You can even go kinkier and buy an adult pacifier or lollipop.

A little girl can also put pink make-up on in a childish, clumsy way. During the sex play between two adults in a DD/lg relationship, the submissive one often decides to obey the dominant player. That’s the time when many people bring sex toys into the game for extra pleasure and unforgettable moments. 

Maximizing resources

There are no limits when playing. If you’re feeling like taking your sex role-plays to the next level, then you should try butt plugs from lovegasm. Butt plugs are anal toys designed to be inserted into the anus for more sensation and pleasure. 

Anal beads or anal plugs are probably the most essential accessory, especially if they look cute, like those decorated with jewels. They will make the submissive partner’s butt look adorable and turn her into a princess.

They’re smaller in size than an average penis, which makes them easy to insert. During your sessions, the dominant partner can bring pleasure to the submissive one with fantasy anal toys like kitten ears or a cat tail butt plug.

If you’re not into fantasy that much, there are plenty of other butt plugs on the market to try out, like those simple silicone and steel ones. Despite their simple design, they certainly play a role in increasing the sexual pleasure for all parties involved.

The crowd’s review and testimonial

DD/lg brings excitement back for many of those who feel like the spark has died out. When things go dull, it often takes something truly new to make life exciting again. And that’s why so many opt for DD/lg — it’s taboo, and it makes your heart race at first.

During DD/lg play, couples usually decide on the nature of their sexual relationship, the kinds of erotic punishments, and what kind of pleasure they want to experience. The discussion about the idea of going into 

Bringing Daddy Dom/Little Girl role-play up might be the scariest part, especially if the individual suggesting it isn’t sure about their partner’s opinion. You can never be sure when is the right time to start or suggest this unless you know your lover well. When you’re certain that they will enjoy this, explain the concept and tell them what interests you about this.

The simplest way to start the actual role play is by exploring all kinds of acting, games, and toys (like the previously mentioned butt plugs). You can then decide whether you’d like to play in public or keep it a secret. It can also be an interesting addition to a long-distance relationship! We encourage you to embrace your imagination and write your own rules together.