What Makes a Truly Great Eco Lodge

In the world of mindful travel and increased environmental awareness, entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world are increasingly incorporating eco-friendly features and solutions into their businesses, in order to minimize their carbon footprint and raise brand awareness as a greener option for customers.

Such is the prevalent situation in the hospitality industry, with an increasing number of travel accommodations boasting numerous eco-friendly features, predominantly in the realm of energy conservation, but water savings as well. Here are the essential features that make a truly great eco lodge.

What exactly is an eco lodge?

While green hotels and eco lodges are very similar, there is one distinct difference that sets the eco lodge apart from other accommodation types: its location. An eco lodge can be found secluded deep within a natural setting, typically in a forest, or overlooking a mountain range, and even nestled on a riverbank in …

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Running an eco-lodge

Conchita Perez run an eco-lodge in the Andes with her husband and two kids.

What inspired your move, and how long have you been there?

After travelling for a year around South America, my partner and I fell in love with this little Andean town nestled between the Andes and the Amazon. Ecuador is incredibly biodiverse and has so much to offer in one small country (nearly the same size as New Zealand), with the Amazon, Andes, coast and Galapagos Islands – it’s like a mini-South America in one country!

The interesting culture, the easy pace of life and relative stability of the economy made this a very attractive place for us to put down roots. We wanted to lead a simple life and be able to raise our kids without the financial pressure which seems to cloud everyday life for many people. We’ve been living here permanently for seven …

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How to start and run a successful Pheasant hunting lodge business

Pheasant hunting is a hobby that is bringing in millions of dollars each year. Every hunting season, hunters from different parts of the world check in to the pheasant hunting lodges ready for a hunt that would linger in their memories for years to come. It therefore means that starting a pheasant hunting lodge business will not only help you generate a lucrative income but also is a fantastic way to share the passion of pheasant hunting with those of like mind.

If you are thinking of starting a lodge for pheasant hunters, here are some tips that can help you start and run a successful business.

1. Availability or proximity to pheasant hunting grounds

The first thing to consider when starting a pheasant hunting business is the availability of pheasant hunting grounds. If you have a vast land that is currently not utilized in a productive way then this …

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Four Things To Know Before Starting A Small Hotel

Just like any other business, there’s going to be competition when starting up a small hotel or bed and breakfast, which means you need a careful business plan and good organisational skills. Have a look at the following tips and things you need to know.

Do your research

How is your hotel going to stand out from others? You need to decide what kind of a business it is that you are going to be running and how you can make it stand out from already existing competitors.

For example, if you are thinking about opening a bed and breakfast, you should research which other B&B’s are nearby and have a look at their services and reviews. If they have negative reviews in a specific area, this is something you’ll want to pick up on in order to give your future guests something that another business can not.

Also, make …

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The perfect costumes for role-play sex

You’ve probably heard stories about role-play sex and how it is a way to make things a lot better. And it is true: role-play can indeed do wonders for your sex life. Here are some tips on how role-playing can improve the situation as well as some of the most popular scenarios. 

What is role-play sex?

Role-play sex is a game many couples love to play. The idea is to make things more exciting and step away from the traditional vanilla sex. It is a way to explore different kinks, options, and possibilities. Everyone has different interests and kinks. And through role-play, it is possible to make some of your dreams come true. 

Now, the nature of sexual role-play can be anything you want it to be. The only limit is your imagination and what your partner is willing to try. Some people like using role-play costumes to make the

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Why do staycations make your lodge and hotel experience memorable?

Let’s face it: you could probably count people who are not into vacations on the fingers of your hand. We all love to pack our bags and leave our troubles behind for at least a couple of days. From winter trips when we enjoy snowy activities like skiing to summer trips to the beach, vacations are as essential for our physical health as they are for our mental state. But there’s a catch — money. 


Quality vacation costs a lot l. Nowadays, during the COVID-19 pandemic, trips cross-country or abroad aren’t the safest choices either. Things can get quite messy in no time. But, luckily, there’s an alternative — by enjoying a staycation, you get to experience the same amount of fun and relaxation for much less money and at a lower risk of catching the coronavirus. So, read on to find out more.

What Do We Mean By

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DDLG kink: Do butt plugs play a part as well?

DD/lg and butt play? Yes, please!

Have you ever wanted to spice things up by trying some adult sex toys? Do you like role-playing? Are you turned on by what comes to your mind when you think about butt plugs and anal play? If the answer is yes, well, let’s explore those kinky corners of your mind, shall we?

What do I need to know about DD/lg?

DD/lg stands for an imaginative Daddy Dom-little/baby girl sexual relationship. In short, while role-playing, there are two characters: a dominant male figure and a woman playing the role of a young girl. This is probably the most popular relationship type in the BDSM community.

During role-play, the daddy dom figure appears caring, loving, and wiser than the immature, innocent little girl. It’s been one of the most common ways for two adults to have fun.

We’ve all heard rumors about DDLG relationships being

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Pumping Your Way to Pleasure With a Clitoris Pump

Pumpin’ and Humpin’

With the start of the 20th century, penis pumps began to appear on the sex horizon. These devices, made to treat erectile dysfunction and penile enlargement, gained a fair bit of attention in the male world. However, ladies weren’t left empty-handed. Soon, vaginal pumps arrived and took the spotlight in the sex toy scene.

Although in the very beginning pumps weren’t actually kinky adult toys, they slowly began to show their potential in dimly-lighted bedrooms as opposed to the sterile medical offices. Pumps, invented to treat some health-related issues, evolved into almost necessary tools. But why is that?

Well, let’s be frank — they’re just pure fun and pleasure! In a day and age when lust for youth lingers around every corner, a pussy pump is a quick and affordable way to “teleport” your genitals to their youthful and plump look of your glory days. Also, it’s

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